• New buildings and refurbishment
  • Full conceptual and construction projects (residential, office, public facilities, industry, commercial, etc.)
  • Ecodesigned projects
  • Building surveying
  • Interior design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Intelligent buildings
  • Building refurbishment and renovation projects
  • Repairing projects (façades, roofs, structure)
  • Projects of change of use of buildings
  • Historic buildings interventions
  • Existing building reports (structural and constructive)
  • Energetic rehabilitation projects (passive and active)

Structural engineering

  • Design and calculus of any kind of structure of any complexity
  • Development of structures in reinforced, precast and prestressed concrete, steel, timber, glass, aluminium, brick and stone masonry, carbon fibre, two materials composite, etc
  • Eco-designed structures
  • Supervising during structure’s construction
  • “How to build it” development
  • Alternative solutions for structures, foundations and other elements
  • Earthquake engineering and seismic design
  • Structural reinforcing projects
  • Foundation reinforcement projects
  • Historic buildings interventions
  • Structural capability studies
  • Teaching

Building engineering

  • Building surveying
  • Redaction of health and safety studies
  • Health and safety coordination
  • Budget cost and schedules of conditions for buildings
  • Quality control program redaction and supervision
  • Budgets’ comparative analysis
  • “How to build it” development
  • Assistance for redaction of health and safety programs (offered to constructors)
  • Redaction and supervision of waste management program
  • Redaction of environmental reports

More services

  • Project management
  • Environmental licensing of buildings
  • Sustainability efficiency certificates
  • Technical audits
  • Advisors in obtaining public subventions
  • Sales brochures
  • Urban planning
  • Landscape projects
  • Urban services projects
  • Development of industrialized systems (integral systems, structural, façades, etc)